2010 Leavenworth Drive Coverage in Eurotuner Magazine

Once again we are grateful as our pictures ended up in the December issue of Eurotuner Magazine!

Each year, we join the hundreds and hundreds of European car enthusiasts as we embark on a journey that takes us through the beautiful Cascade Mountains over Stevens Pass, ending up in Bavarian heaven – Leavenworth, WA. It was an early morning on June 19th and we were barely awake, and running late no less – pretty typical actually. Somewhere along getting ready and making our way to the meeting spot for the Leavenworth Drive I sent Sam Du, feature editor of Eurotuner Magazine, a text message asking if he made it up from California to cover the massive event. (Last year’s numbers reached close to 700 European cars, but this year there were well over 800!!) Figuring he was already in the parking lot being busy and snapping pictures I didn’t think to check my phone for a while after we reached the meeting location ourselves. When I remembered to check my phone, there was Sam’s message: “Didn’t make it up! Can you cover it?” I immediately felt overwhelmed but camera in hand, Jamie and I did the best we could to capture a wide variety of different Euro makes that made it to the event. It’s just too bad we didn’t get away with an image capturing the entire turn-out… it was EPIC! Click the image above to direct you to our Leavenworth Drive album on Flickr!


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