2010 WaterWerks Coverage in Eurotuner Magazine

First, Happy New Year! We look forward to an exciting year ahead and we thank you for continuing to visit us at Spina²!

It was a very nice, relaxing Holiday Season and we are very proud to open up the New Year entries with a feature in the 2011 February issue of Eurotuner Magazine.  Once again we were asked to submit what pictures we ended up taking at the annual WaterWerks NW event and of course we were happy to oblige.  The results are what we were able to capture between a busy day working the Achtuning booth.  Thanks always, Sam and staff @ Eurotuner Magazine for the opportunity!

Over the break we uploaded several photos from the 2010 Port Townsend Cruise and Leavenworth Drive that didn’t make it into the magazine coverage so be sure to check them out in our online album on Flickr.  The rest of the 2010 Waterwerks event pictures can be found here.



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