2012 Old School Reunion

“Anything pre-1987” according to the qualifier on the website meant we could expect a fantastic collection of cars from an era never forgotten… The Old School Reunion it seemed, was a success. Hosted in a new venue in it’s 4th year running, the Bothell Country Village surprisingly worked out well for the group as show-goers are usually pretty keen on hanging out in a grassy field on a nice, sunny Pacific Northwest Sunday afternoon and show off their cars. Right on queue, a line formed at the gates promptly at 10am and cars were rolling in until we left a couple of hours later.  Though some of the big favorites were missing, it was a pleasure to see so many great (and running!) examples of models from the likes of Alpha Romeo, BMW, Nissan, Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota, MINI, SAAB…  Some restored, others highly modified, and some just barely hanging on.  Even if you don’t find an appreciation for cars in general, the mere sight of these “Old School” cars bring up long, forgotten memories of good times from years past.  

The owner of the Toyota Cressida below was really excited to have found this MINT example a day before the show. It was a pleasure chattin’ it up with him for a while and to learn he intends to keep it as original as possible save for a drop and wheels but seeing this thing up close was awesome, as it had aged well and looked as good as it did decades ago!

If you’d like to see the entire collection, click here.


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