The Power Of the #Hashtag

Spina² is at the LA Auto Show… In spirit!! :D


“The Audi Stand”, Audi’s exhibit showcasing their latest and greatest at the LA Auto Show features a giant screen that displays posts made online by Twitter and Instagram users around the World using the hashtag #FuelForThought – a part of Audi’s “More power. More Torque. Less Fuel.” TDI campaign. Audi is bringing several new TDI models to the US this next year including the Audi A6, A7, A8 & Q5. Audi is using Tagboard, a social media hub for hashtags, to display these posts on their big screen and a post we made on Instagram yesterday made it on there! :D

A big “thank you” to Josh Decker of who is hanging out with Audi USA for taking this picture and sending it to us!



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