If it looks like we’ve been falling behind with our updates here on Spina², our apologies. We blame the weather and Netflix. After being spoiled with an amazing Summer that overlapped well into our Fall Season it was as if we went straight to Winter these last few weeks. The bitter cold has kept us indoors and curled up on the couch with our two feline dependents while streaming hours of entertainment and checking out shows everyone tells us we need to watch. Sorry, no pictures of that business. We did manage to sneak out a few times when the sun came out of hiding, motivating us to check in on civilization.


In search of new “Fall” pictures for the 2015 SPINA² calendar we spent a couple of hours in downtown Seattle looking for fallen leaves… And found some! :D


We just wrapped up a “photoshoot” with Chris Jeanneret’s Formula Drift prepped Honda S2000 and are in the process of editing photos.  Those, the results of a photo session with the Hugel family, and an “RWB/Meguri-Ai: Chapter 2″ post are in the works for our next topics so be sure to check back!  Hope the Fall Season is treating you and yours well.



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