In an attempt to get more car features on our blog we got together with our friend Mark a couple of weekends ago to snap a few pictures of his VW (Mk6) Jetta GLI. 


Every car or truck Mark owns receives his personal touch and the guy knows how to personalize a vehicle in good taste! Old-school DP Motorsport Carrera Cup wheels, H&R ultra-low coilovers, a modified Jetta Hybrid grille, and those projector retrofit headlights and fogs transform an otherwise bland-looking sedan (sorry, VW!) into the head-turner you see here.


There are small hints of color-matched vinyl and plastidip in places that contribute to the unique look, adding subtle changes that few would notice unless they were pointed out.


The interior of the car currently features red trim pieces and other unique features that we didn’t get a chance to show off yet as it’s still a work in progress. A suspension make-over is also in the works so we intend to get back together with Mark when he’s done so we can wrap up the feature in another blog post. Meanwhile, we’ll be watching progress and gathering inspiration for our own projects!


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